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AS Chemistry Module 1 Worksheets and Guides

Atomic structure, bonding and periodicity

Most of my worksheets for this module are here. I haven't put my tests here though!

I have also written specific guides to trends in the properties of Group 2 and Period 3 elements. You might like to visit the Molecule Warehouse to see molecular models of sodium chloride, iodine, diamond and graphite.

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You can preview the documents as a web page  in a separate window by selecting the preview icon icon next to each PDF Code. You can print from there if you wish, but please note that the PDF files give the best quality results - identical to my  original Word files.

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Calculating the number of particles in an atom

Question sheet


Finding the formula of magnesium oxide

Practical guide


Successive ionisation energies for potassium

Structured worksheet


Ionisation energies in group I and period 2

Structured worksheet


Ionisation energies in group II and period 3

Structured worksheet


Evidence for hydrogen bonds - Boiling points of various compounds

Structured worksheet


Melting points of elements in period 3

Structured worksheet


Common ions and formulae of ionic compounds

Information sheet


Maths for AS Chemistry

Information sheet


Working out the shapes of molecules

Information sheet


Summary of shapes of molecules

Information sheet


The burette

Information sheet


Trends in physical properties of group 2 elements

Structured worksheet


Volumetric Analysis 1
Making a standard solution of sodium carbonate

Practical guide


Volumetric Analysis 2
Standardising hydrochloric acid

Practical guide


Volumetric Analysis 3
The relative molecular mass of a soluble base

Practical guide


Electron configurations of transition metal elements

Structured worksheet


Titration calculations for pleasure and profit

Question sheet


Chemical equations for Module 1

Information sheet


Blank results table for titrations



Making standard solutions

Practical guide





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